Imagineers Guide to Local Eats

As a summer ambassador at Imagine Media, in addition to a list of fun things that we had the chance to participate in this summer, we also did our fair share of eating! Since the Imagine Media office is just around the corner from Ponce City Market, we’ve had lots of opportunities to head over there for lunch and snacks, but we’ve also been able to explore areas around the office. We made it a priority to take the time every day to stop work for lunch, whether it’s eating what we brought or heading out to try these local spots it was important to take a break and change up the scenery! It’s easy to get sucked into your projects and work, but don’t forget to fuel your body for the hard work ahead. Here’s our guide to the best local eateries nearby:

First up has to be Fellini’s! For me, pizza falls into its own category of food and I’m always wanting to try out a new spot. I’ve been to Fellini’s on a couple of different occasions and every time the line is basically out the door (that must be a good sign!). In addition to being SUPER tasty, it’s also affordable.

Farm to Ladle is the next lunch spot on the list! Conveniently located at Ponce, Farm to Ladle is the perfect spot if you’re trying to grab a quick and tasty lunch. There’s multiple locations in the Atlanta area, so if you aren’t right next to Ponce, search for another location - you won’t regret it!

One of Farm to Ladle’s neighbors, Five Daughters Bakery is a spot you have to check out! This bakery is perfect for an afternoon snack or a celebratory Friday treat. I absolutely love the donuts at Five Daughters, and am so glad I found this gem during my summer at Imagine Media!

Dessert and snacks are something I find myself craving frequently during the workday. One of my favorite places was Queen of Cream. Located just a short drive away from the office, Queen of Cream has some truly tasty homemade ice cream! If you aren’t convinced yet, be sure to check them out on Instagram, @queenofcreamatl

Of course, another pizza spot definitely is making its way to the list! We went to the Varuni Napoli location at Krog St. Market and it was definitely worth the visit. The restaurant is an order at the counter style with chairs you can grab while watching your pizza in the oven - yum! I’d definitely recommend checking our Varuni Napoli soon. Make sure you give yourself a little extra time to explore Krog Street market too!

A little different from the rest is yeah! burger. I went earlier in the summer and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. Next to pizza, a good hamburger is definitely my favorite food. I loved the option to build your own burger here and the french fries were so tasty I almost took the basket with me!

Last on the list is a popular choice amongst the Imagine Media team, gusto!. gusto! is a healthy and delicious option and it’s so close to the office! Our team loves eating here because of the amazing staff and speedy service. One of the summer ambassador’s, Hannah, recommends you try the chipotle mango avocado and the sweet potato chips. You’re sure to love this option too.

One summer simply is not enough time to try all of the tasty food around the Imagine Media office, but in my opinion, as a team, we were quite successful in trying some new spots. My challenge to you regardless of where your office is located is to get out and try something new! Your new favorite restaurant or a hidden gem could be just around the corner. You don’t know what you’re missing out on until you give it a shot! Happy Eating!

Story by: Anna Kate Newall in collaboration with Imagine Media's Summer Ambassadors