Imagine Media Core Values


Most professionals might be familiar with core values as a list of abstract words that get posted on the wall in your office, introduced to you during your orientation and then never heard of again. At Imagine Media we approach our core values with sincerity and they are part of our daily conversations, celebrations and goals. This is why it was huge news last week when our leadership team announced that we were going to make some changes to our core values.

Our refreshed core values are as follows:







The updates included shortening the descriptions of each core value in order to make them more memorable and changing our I-word from “Innovative” to “Integrity.” Given that we live and breathe these core values, it was very important to our leadership team to know that these were still values that resonated with us as a whole. The team was excited about these small, but mighty changes to our guiding truths. So how do we put these values into practice? Check out this list of ways that the Imagine Media team incorporates core values into our everyday processes and long term goals.


From the moment a potential candidate walks through the door at Imagine Media, we’re calculating how they match up as a culture fit within our team. A good culture fit means that the candidate embodies our core values (bonus points if they’ve done their research and can list them). Our interview questions are far from traditional and are designed to evaluate the candidate on how well they live up to our core values. If the candidate nails the interview, we conclude the application process with a final project that also asks the candidate to demonstrate our core values.


After a new Imagineer joins the team, they are introduced to the core values on day one as we do a deep dive into our company culture. These principles are a large part of the conversation during their first few weeks of training. We also use our values as a guideline for success in the days to come.

Celebrating Teammates

If you are familiar with the Imagine Culture, you may already know that our team is committed to celebrating each other, not competing with each other. Whenever we recognize a job well done, we use the core values as pillars for that success. We use Slack as an internal communication tool and have a whole channel dedicated to shout outs among our peers. Each time we recognize a teammate, we use the core value and provide an example of how they demonstrated that value.

Imagineer Scorecard

Each month the Imagineers meet with their point of contact for a 30-minute touch base that serves as an opportunity to give feedback. We value open, honest and frequent communication, which is why these touch bases exist. Our leaders also give quarterly reviews, so that each person gets feedback and goals in a timely manner. During these quarterly reviews, Imagineers are graded on how well they are exhibiting our core values. The consistent reminder of what we stand for helps keep our team head in the right direction together.

We’re always trying to improve processes, upgrade our software and stay up to date with the latest trends in building relationships online, but one thing that we aim to never change as our team grows is our company culture.

Story By: Sophie Duncan