Imagine Media Book Club: Hug Your Customers

There’s nothing better on a long day than a good, friendly hug. Who else agrees? Here at Imagine Media Consulting, we believe in a tactic to make our customers and colleagues feel like they are constantly being hugged. Without the actual hug part, because well that just might make some people uncomfortable….

We call it metaphorical hugs. We have learned the art of ‘metaphorically hugging’ from the book written by Jack Mitchell, “Hug Your Customers: The Proven Way to Personalize Sales and Achieve Astounding Results.” Every other week we sit down as a team to discuss the book and what we have learned. This isn’t your typical book club lunch meeting though, the Imagineers are taking it a step further to turn these strategies into action plans.

Some ways we like to ‘hug’ our customers:

  • Birthdays: We keep track of all birthdays and celebrate them with a handwritten card and meaningful gift. Doesn’t have to be big, but listening to their personal needs and remembering that they love the gluten-free cupcake shop from around the corner is key!

  • Anniversaries: Company milestones are huge and should be celebrated! Whether it is a one-year anniversary or 34 years, we like to let our clients know we are happy they are in business and excited for future growth.

  • National Holidays: If a relevant holiday is coming up that personally touches one of your clients, it is a great touch point. For example, your client is a local bakery and it is shop local month. Stop in one day and have a team lunch at their shop, let them know you support local business!

We are about half-way done with the book and have learned a lot about going above and beyond for our clients. So far the one major takeaway that we have from Jack Mitchell’s book is this:

It’s more than making a sale. It is about making your customers feel special, important and valued. When our customers think about Imagine Media, we want them to feel like we are more than just their social media team - we are a team that cares about the final product and the people behind the brand.

Written by: Carolyn Whalen