ImagiNation with Bonnie Kuhl

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Occupation: Owner and Founder of Archer and Olive

Favorite Productivity Tool: Trello is really working out well recently for work related tasks, but I am a pen and paper girl, and I couldn't live without my bullet planner.

Most Recommended App: Instagram! And for editing photos, A Color Story.

Last Thing You Read: Good to Great by Jim Collins

How did you get your start in the marketing industry?

We're not a marketing company, but I do all of my own marketing! I have a degree in communication design, and have always been interested in analytics. Archer and Olive has been a dream of mine since college! I always wanted to make my own planners. Planners are tool that have always inspired me and made things seem possible. After a career in graphic design, I began deigning wedding invitations. When looking for a notebook to paint wedding invitation ideas in, I found there was nothing in the market that fit my needs, so I finally decided to create my own notebooks.

What's your favorite marketing platform to connect with your customers?

Definitely Instagram!

Favorite recent marketing trend?

Influencer marketing has been tremendously helpful in my business.

Where do you turn for marketing news, tips, and resources?

Online communities and Pinterest! I let my customer data dictate where I spend add dollars.

How do you stay inspired?

Going outdoors! Nature is my ultimate inspiration.

What current marketing tool/platform do you think will go away in 10 years?

Facebook - at least what it is today.

What’s one element of marketing that will never go out of style and why?

Word of mouth!

What is the most valuable piece of marketing advice you’ve ever received?

Trust your data.

What does imagining more mean to you and the business?

Thinking outside of the box, and experimenting with new things.