ImagiNation with Dr. Randy Ross



Occupation: CEO at Remarkable

Tell us about your journey? Early in my career, I had the privilege of working with a number of not-for-profit organizations. Through my leadership roles in that space, I learned a tremendous amount about cause, purpose, passion and engagement of others in ways that had nothing to do with monetary remuneration. It was during that period, that I became enamored with the factors behind human motivation. Many of the lessons learned in the not-for-profit space, I have been able to translate over to the corporate world to help organizations intentionally craft a more compelling culture.

Over the past twenty years, Gallup has painted a clear picture of the engagement levels of the American workforce. We now know that about one third of the workforce demonstrates any significant level of emotional attachment to their work experience. The vast majority are simply going through the motions. My purpose is to help other people find theirs. This means, working to help people find fulfillment in what they do and giving leaders tools they can use to craft better team dynamics, where people are inspired to bring their best to work.

Who is the person/people who allowed you to imagine more? That is so true. Growth never takes place in a vacuum. That is why we address the Self-Help Conundrum in Relationomics. We all need others in our lives to point us toward maturity. Life is not a solo sport and we all need the feedback of others to help us address our blind spots.

There are a number of people who come to mind who have helped me along life’s journey. My business partner, Randy Walton, is a friend and someone who constantly challenges me toward growth. Others, like Ken Blanchard, have encouraged me through their writings and from a distance. For the past twenty years, I have been involved with a group of men who walk closely with me. We do life together and sharpen each other through encouragement and speaking truth into one another’s lives. But, those most closely to me, have taught me the most. My wife, LuAnne, has provided clear and compelling feedback to both sharpen and refine my character by holding up a mirror and showing me how others see me. And finally, I would also have to acknowledge that I have learned a lot from my critics. No one is loved by everyone. And, even our greatest critics can sometimes offer the some of the most helpful insights to point us toward maturity.

What does imagining more mean to you and your story? My Life Legacy Statement is, “By word and deed, to inspire others to be Remarkable!” It is my desire to enrich the lives of everyone I encounter, even if merely in some small way. I want to make a positive wake in the world. We have written a Manifesto that describes that wake.

Remarkable Manifesto

Meaning is found in discovering your gift

Purpose is in giving it away

Life is precious, I will not waste it

Every person important, I will honor everyone

I will live on purpose

I seek neither fame nor applause

Accolades will never define who I am

Making a difference is not an afterthought

It is my guiding principle

Ordinary is not my only option

And, good enough simply isn't

Therefore, I defy any drift toward mediocrity

I will exceed expectations

I will be intentional with my life

I will leave a positive wake in the world!

And I will live for a purpose

Life is far bigger than me

I want to make a mark on this world that is not easily erased

So I will...

Give when others take

Notice what others ignore

Engage when others simply walk on by

Spread kindness

Inspire hope

Create value for everyone I encounter

And I will encourage everyone else to do the same

And I will live with purpose

Everything begins with a choice,

And every choice is important...

So I choose...

To be neon in a world of gray

To be a symphony where formerly there was silence

To offer my hand as I follow my heart

To do for one what I wish I could do for everyone

To make someone's story better

To rock my world for good

Today, I choose to be what I was designed to be!

Today, I chose to make a difference with my life!

Today, I chose to be Remarkable!

If you could do more of one thing every day what would it be? It would be to challenge everyone to leverage their passions and their strengths to solve problems. There is much talk these days about following your passion. And, there is a much needed emphasis on knowing and utilizing your strengths. But, the key to both is to find the biggest problem you can find and solve it using both. That’s when you find yourself in the zone. That’s when you have found your purpose. And, the bigger the problem you solve, the greater the value you create. The greater the value you create, the more you become invaluable.

As I said, “The purpose of my life is to help others to find theirs. And to inspire them along the way to become Remarkable!” Life is not about reaching self-actualization. It is really, in its highest form, about becoming self-transcendent. We all want to be a part of something bigger than self. We want to have a positive impact and leave a legacy. That can only happen as we build healthy relationships and become value creators.