ImagiNation with Carly Martin



Occupation: Owner + Designer of Clementine Studio

Favorite Productivity Tool: Forest app (although I don't use it nearly enough as I should)

Most Recommended App: Acorns app

Last Thing You Read: Ninth Street Women by Mary Gabriel

How did you get your start in the marketing industry?

My background is in studio art and art business but one of my early internships in the art world involved general marketing before social media was around. I worked for the Arts + Culture Director of a large real estate company that was based in DUMBO, Brooklyn which at the time was mostly filled with artists and galleries before all the new high rise development took over. Our role in that department was creating culture and community with the artists and galleries around DUMBO, so I was in charge of creating newsletters and e-blasts, managing weekly art walks and open studios and going door-to-door to check-in with each gallery. My last job in the art world before going off on my own was at an online startup for artists and my role there was Marketing Coordinator where I facilitated lots of social media campaigns, a large email list and a weekly newsletter. All of that traditional marketing experience really set me up for the marketing I do for my own business now currently.  

What's your favorite marketing platform to connect with your customers?

It used to be Instagram but that’s become more and more frustrating as it’s disabled followers from seeing and engaging with the brands and businesses they follow. I really love building a newsletter but don’t send them out nearly enough. I’m working on coming up with a more regimented schedule for creating a heavily visual and substantial newsletter as I think that will be the most consistent and engaging way to reach my audience.

Where do you turn for marketing news, tips, and resources?

I like following bloggers because they their job is strictly marketing themselves in multiple ways on a daily basis and since that’s just a fraction of my own job, I look to them for updates on what’s new with various platforms- what’s working and not working and creative ways to stay current.

How do you stay inspired?

The good ol’ classics: staying offline, getting outside, going to the Art Institute, visiting my other creative friends’ studios and businesses and reading a lot of fiction to balance out the business books.

What current marketing tool/platform do you think will go away in 10 years? What do you think will take its place?

No idea. I know video has seen a big uptick but I’m secretly hoping it doesn’t take over because I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable behind a camera/phone. I’m all about adapting but I don’t think I could ever get used to that as my main marketing tool. I also hope Pinterest stays around forever, it's consistently been my favorite for a decade.

What’s one element of marketing that will never go out of style and why?


What is the most valuable piece of marketing advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t follow similar people in your field. We absorb massive amounts of content every day and it’s nearly impossible to not be affected and influenced by it. If you’re following your peers who are doing exactly what you do, it’s difficult to create your own original ideas. Instead, I love following creatives who work in completely different ways than I do: Ceramicists, bakers, woodworkers. They inspire my own work in creative ways whereas following a fellow watercolorist can only my hurt own practice.

What does imagining more mean to you and the business?

Dreaming big, constantly. It's intimidating but it's something I’ve been really trying to embrace this year. I always have a million ideas and write them down, but I’m aiming high and actually trying to take action on those big dreams.

What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started in the industry?

Honestly, nothing. Ignorance in the beginning makes you blind to fear, which is crucial for putting yourself out there and just learning along the way.