IM Q&A Session: Photographer and Videographer

Frederic Cisneros - Photographer - @fredericcisneros

Frederic Cisneros - Photographer - @fredericcisneros

Which photographers influenced you, and how did they influence your thinking, photographing, and career path? I really enjoy the works of Steven Klein, Mario Testino, Nick Knight, and An Le. They all have a very dark cinematic style that I love. I love how all of their images tell a story and I try to always have a story to my photos. When these photographers shoot commercial products or fashion, it always goes beyond just the subject. 

What do people look for most in photos? It depends on who the photo is for and what it's for. I feel that people tend to be more critical when the photo is of themselves vs someone else. 

What would be some tips you would give to a beginning photographer? Shoot, shoot, shoot. Dont stop shooting. Especially when you are starting out, it is important to keep trying new things and to become comfortable with your equipment.

How is taking photos for social media different from other shoots you've done in the past? Social media is definitely a monster of its own. The way I understood photoshoots in the past is that you have a half day to a whole day for the shoot with makeup artist, hair stylist, models, and some assistance, that should produce a good 10-20 final images. Shooting for social media is not like that at all. Social media moves so fast that you really dont have time for a shoot that is structured in this way. Shooting for social media you have to think quicker while still making sure the quality stays the same.

Barbara Rego - Videographer - @mindofbarbara

Barbara Rego - Videographer - @mindofbarbara

What is one of the most challenging things about being a videographer? I would say editing is the most challenging thing to me. Not because I dread editing or think it isn't fun. I actually enjoy editing a lot! Editing videos require a lot of time, patience, and attention to detail. I must add that you have to be prepared to watch the same clip or hear the same audio over and over again until you finally have what you want. Every little detail matters when putting together the final project like the colors, audio, transition ..the list goes on and on. If I ever find myself getting in a slump while editing, I will easily log off for a while and come back with a fresh mind to finish putting the vision together.  

What have you always wanted to shoot? I’ve always wanted to shoot a documentary. The documentary could honestly be on any topic. I just love the idea of capturing raw and real events or people and getting to share their story through their eye.

Who is your dream subject? Who would you love to shoot a video with/for? My dream subject would have been the dreamer himself, John Lennon. That guy was one of the most inspiring and influential human beings to date. While I felt he shared his stories, dreams, and passions with the world through his music, I would have loved the opportunity to capture it all in a very intimate documentary.

Why do you love to do video? I simply love the idea of telling stories through moving visual images. I’ve been passionate about creating videos since my freshmen year of high school and I have yet to find something else that makes me this happy and excited for “work” every single day. There are an insane amount of creative and innovative ideas that you can do with video! Coming up with an idea in your head and then seeing that vision come to life is by far the coolest thing ever.


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