How Your Networks can Support Your Business on Social

One of the easiest ways to increase your presence on social media is by reaching out to your network of friends, family, and acquaintances for support.  So here are a few simple tips on ways to utilize your networks to grow your social media following and engagement.  They’re already your biggest fans, so chances are they’d be more than happy to help spread the word and promote your brand on social.


Let’s make it Facebook official.

While it may seem almost too obvious, some friends and family who aren’t quite as tech-savvy may need a little education on the basics.  For instance, don’t be afraid to ask them to follow your business page and leave a review (or show them how).  This will be the foundation that their engagement and further promotion of your brand on Facebook is built upon.  As your followers begin to grow, your engagement, too, will simultaneously increase.  Once they follow your page, your posts will populate on their news feed, prompting them to give your posts the thumbs up that they deserve.  In addition to liking posts, any comments and shares are a great way to increase engagement and reach.

Instagram for the win.

Similar to Facebook, ask your network of friends and family to follow your account.  This will help your posts populate on their feed and allow followers to easily double tap for that heart and or comment on your pictures without even thinking.  This platform is also a great place for friends and family to tag your business in their posts, exposing all of their followers to your account.  In turn, this will increase your followers and reach, further promoting your brand.

No matter what platforms your business utilizes, (Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn) it’s important to leverage your networks to grow your presence on all social media fronts.  Each platform reaches a different demographic, so it’s all about maximizing engagement on each one.  Think about how you use each platform, and ask your friends and family to re-tweet, subscribe to your YouTube channel, and interact with your brand as often as they can. 

By following these guidelines, your connectivity on social media will improve, ultimately aiding in the success of your brand!

Story by: Kim McCafferty