5 Ways to Make Your Content Stand Out from the Crowd


With so many people posting on social media, it can seem tricky to make your posts stand out in all the right ways. It can also be frustrating knowing that the picture or video you worked so hard to create can easily get looked over or lost in the sea of posts. Not to worry. We’ve come up with some tips to help your content make a lasting impression.

1. Use videos

Videos posted on social media typically get more likes and comments than pictures. In fact, videos receive 1200% more engagement than both text and picture posts combined. Taking the time to create a high quality video story can grab a viewer’s attention and be more memorable. Also, people typically watch videos longer than they look at a picture. Giving the viewer more time to interact with your content will help them remember your brand.

2. Design graphics with your pictures

When posting pictures, using fun, eye-catching graphics can help make the picture pop. Some of our favorite tools to make photos more exciting are Canva or Photoshop. Because most pictures posted on social platforms are images without extra design elements, adding these features to your images can give viewers a change of pace in their feed. Something as simple as a border can help separate your content from your competitors’. Need some inspo? See how we’re incorporating different graphics into our own Instagram to keep our followers engaged.


3. Unique perspectives

Putting your own spin on an overdone photo can change how people see your products — literally and figuratively. Tweaking the angle or perspective of your shot could be all you need to catch people’s attention and make waves. Adidas does a great job of this. The shoe company finds new and innovative ways to photograph their latest styles, and challenging your creative team to do the same will help you branch out from conventional shots and allow your brand to be more unique.


4. Bold Fonts

Typography is so important for branding. Having bold and brand-consistent fonts can draw more attention to your posts. With most posts on social media featuring simple images, adding text to your photos can help distinguish your content. Nike consistently has strong content that uses text over imagery. Trying this technique can not only give your audience more information, but also create something more memorable than just an image.


5. Using props

Using fun and unique props can help communicate your brand’s unique style and tone. Madewell is a great example. They’ve photographed their jewelry with different fruits and plants, alluding to springtime and fresh style. Using unconventional props allows viewers to see your products in a new way and associate them with certain feelings and aspirations that resonate with them. Just make sure your props fit your brand’s image and voice to maintain brand consistency.


Do you have a tip we haven’t mentioned? Leave us a comment and let us know what has worked for you.

Story By: Keagan Ross