How to Use Social Media to Move Up in Search Results

Being in the social media business, it’s always exciting to see social media sites on the top of the acquisition list on our clients’ Google Analytics. If social media is one of the top drivers of traffic to our clients’ sites, it means we’re doing our job well.

However, a strong social media presence can have an impact on other types of referrals too. Done correctly, it can effect where your business shows up in organic search results.

When determining how to rank pages in search results, Google takes into account several factors from social media, including how many shares content created by a given brand/individual earns; how useful, informative, and valuable the content is; and how relevant the content is to a specific base of readers.

That means, in addition to the plethora of other reasons social media is critical for businesses today, it’s a key component to making your business easier to find online.

There are a lot of things you can do to make your social media accounts as beneficial as possible when it comes to moving up in Google’s search results. But it can all basically be boiled down to one simple strategy: provide quality content to quality followers. So, what does that look like?

Quality Content

As witty and timely as your tweets and statuses are, links and “anchor content” are more important when it comes to SEO. Anchor content is relevant content that is highly shareable and informative, things like infographics, long-form articles and videos. Also include external links in social posts and use hashtags and tags to popularize your content and brand.

Quality Followers

Yes, having a lot of followers will help, but you can’t fool Google by buying a bunch of fake followers. They need to be living, breathing people. More than that, they need to be engaged with your brand, because the more your followers share your content, the bigger the impact on search results.


Small, local businesses can improve local search results even more by encouraging reviews as well as linking social media sites to promotional materials, so the location is included.