How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Travel Experience

Summer is right around the corner, and with the heat waves comes a little extra free time. What better way to enjoy your summer than checking some destinations off your bucket list and taking a trip! If you have some much-needed vacation time coming up in the next few months, check out how social media can help plan and share your unforgettable memories with others.

The travel industry has moved away from publishing lengthy travel books to using social media and websites in order to share their tips including where to go, what to see, and even what to wear. Now that social media is such a vital part of our lives, it is easier than ever to find information about your next destination spot. From researching on blogs to seeing friends photos on Instagram, some of the best information is right at your fingertips.

One of the best platforms for researching different spots is Pinterest. On Pinterest, you can find all different types of blogs, pictures, and tips allocated to one specific location. From discovering the perfect rooftop bar to a hidden beach spot, all of this information can be found in one simple search. The majority of articles found on Pinterest will give you real-life experiences and feedback from the bloggers themselves. This information is reliable and unfiltered, which can seriously help when it comes to which restaurants to go to or even which hotel to choose.  

We have all seen, and let’s be honest, been a little (a lot?) envious of our friends' picturesque travel photos on Instagram and Facebook. The great part about this is you can use those pictures as an outlet to either reach out to the photographer and ask about their experience or research it for yourself. Don’t be shy either because everyone loves sharing their favorite memories from their trips and definitely want others to have the same experience that they did!

After researching the best of the best spots to visit on your trip, consider creating your very own travel blog or Pinterest page. This can be a fun activity to work on while on your adventures, but it also is a great way to organize all your photos and thoughts from the trip into one consolidated place.

Using social media is the perfect way to ensure you have the best time on your travels, and it is also a great way to share with friends and family all of the memories that you will never forget.

Story By: Katherine Tomlin