How to Use Graphics To Take Your Storytelling To The Next Level

    Design is all around us - it’s what draws us in, what engages you. When you flip open a magazine or look at a billboard on the highway your eye doesn’t go straight to the body of copy. No never, it goes to the huge photo on the spread or the eye catching colors of the graphics. As a graphic designer my job is to make the complex simple - and the simple elegant. Time after time graphic design is misinterpreted as making things “pretty” or “decoration,” when in reality graphic design is there to enhance readership and raise your level of communication. When you have messaging to get across - graphic design should be there to make sure it is interpreted exactly how you want it to, no questions asked.

So what does this mean for your storytelling on social?

As you plan on telling your story on social media platforms you have to decide which tools would best tell each part of the story. Is it video, audio, photos or graphics?

Graphics go where cameras can’t. Whether that is human cells, or millions of miles into space. The imagination comes alive through graphics. Sometimes graphics can be the story’s primary medium only supported by text.

Some of the best places to use graphics in your story are:

  • Graphs, any numbers or analytical data is always easier to understand in visual form
  • Goofy or silly natured instances such as cartoons
  • Simplicity - like logos
  • Places where you want the reader to easily recognize what you are talking about - like icons

Hope this helps you the next time you are trying to incorporate a visual element to your story!