Trending Events & Social Strategy


How can your business use events like the Super Bowl, the Golden Globes, and the MET Gala to promote your brand on social media?

Hint: You don’t need millions of dollars in your marketing budget. It’s easy to take trending topics and make them relevant to your industry or more importantly make your brand relevant in your industry.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to amplify your content or brand message on social for the next trending event.

Make a Goal

It’s important to have a purpose with your content. Why are you using this event? Is it to start a conversation with your consumers? Gain more followers? To go viral? Having an end goal in mind before promoting during an event is important, not only to help measure all your efforts, but also to focus your content on a common call to action and choosing which social platforms you want to use.

Disclaimer: Don’t force brand involvement. If the event doesn’t fit with your company’s goals, voice, or values then it doesn’t make sense to hop on the bandwagon. Doing so may make your brand seem inauthentic.

Listen Before You Speak

Listen to the conversation regarding the event and do some research on the current situation. If it’s a game, award ceremony, or even the season finale of the Bachelor, who’s predicted to win? Are there relevant statistics or facts you can incorporate into your content? Staying current and informed is key to successful engagement. A great example of staying up to date is the tweet by Oreo that went viral during the blackout of the Super Bowl XLVII.

Take a Position

What’s your brand’s voice and tone around this event? Is it consistent or inconsistent with your current brand voice? Are you a devil’s advocate? Punny? Informational? A cheerleader?

Use Relevant Hashtags

After doing some social listening around the event, use this information to make a list of some applicable and popular hashtags to use in your content and platforms. If you feel a bit lost, there are tons of great tools and sites for researching hashtags and finding the right ones for your brand and audience.

The event could also be a good time to create a branded hashtag for your company in reference to the event. For example, during the 2018 Winter Olympics, Visa created the campaign #TeamVisa to promote their new program for athletes in need. Read more about successful branded hashtags here.

Position Your Brand as a Thought Leader

Does your brand have any authority or credibility on the topic?

For example: If you are a makeup company, can you create video content on Instagram that uses your products to recreate famous red-carpet looks? If you are a pet store, can you live tweet during the Puppy Bowl? When, where, and on what aspects of the event is your brand giving an opinion? Does that opinion bring you attention, engagement, or both?

Plan for Multiple Scenarios

Maybe you’re using the College Football National Championship to promote your company on social media. You’ll want to create content for the different outcomes of the game. Being creative requires planning ahead of the event and brainstorming the various scenarios.

Watch out for Trademarked Terms

Some events, like the Super Bowl, have a list of terms that cannot be used without written consent from the organization holding the event. Using certain slogans, phrases, or hashtags without permission can bring your brand some unwanted negative attention from the organization. Make sure to research the particular organization and their event to understand what their policies are before taking action.

Many companies have seen success using trending events to promote their brand on social. Whether your goals are to go viral, to increase engagement with your target market, or to change your brand reputation, trending events are free means to PR and social communication. At Imagine Media, we are always working to stay up to date with all the trending events within the Atlanta area as well as events that are industry specific to our clients. Are there any events coming up that your brand could use?

Story By: Jillian Radcliffe