7 Easy Steps for Successful Live Posting


Facebook and Instagram Story LIVE

  1. Make sure your phone is charged! I know this is a given, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry during the live coverage.

  2. Use a phone tripod to ensure a stabilized image for your followers. This will also make it easier for the person filming to respond to viewers in the chatroom without moving the camera around too much.

  3. Announce to your followers when you’ll be going live before the event. This will help your followers plan in advance when to log in to Facebook or Instagram, increasing viewers.

  4. Use Instagram and Facebook features to create polls & questions to answer before or after the event. This is a great way to have followers engage with your account.

  5. During the live stream, make sure someone is monitoring the chatroom for any technical issues and to answer any questions or comments coming in.

  6. Instagram and Facebook give you the option to save the live stream for 24 hours once it’s over. We recommend doing so for those who couldn’t tune in during the live coverage.

  7. Recap your live stream! What were some of the highlights? This is an opportunity to keep your followers engaged and use as content for your platform.


  1. Create a branded hashtag for you and your followers to use during your live tweets. If it’s a main event, look at what the most popular hashtag will be for that event. (Ex: #Grammys19)

  2. Pop culture events are some of the most popular times to live tweet. Twitter Business announces their monthly event calendar so you can plan ahead.

  3. Announce to your followers that you will be going live on Twitter so they know to follow along during this time.

  4. GIFs are key to live tweeting, but you don’t have to overdo it. We recommend GIPHY for all of your GIF needs. GIPHY even has key words dedicated to popular events like TV shows.

  5. Get creative with the captions! Twitter is your chance to be witty and fun for your audience.

  6. Keep your account engaged by responding to your Twitter replies and joining Twitter threads from other accounts who are also doing live coverage.

  7. Like Instagram and Facebook, it’s always great to highlight some of the top moments from the event after it’s over.

    Story By: Barbara Rego