5 Tips for Picking Influencers Who Will Represent Your Brand Well

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You see them everywhere — in food, fashion, fitness, you name it. Influencers. You might be wondering why these near-celebrities are becoming necessary for brands looking to grow their business. One of the biggest reasons why influencer marketing has been so successful is because customers are now building relationships with these figures and gaining trust in their opinions.

Influencers are now required to disclose any relationship they might have with a certain brand when posting about them on social media. This ensures customer trust remains high, allowing brands to continue growing with the help of media influencers. In fact, 70% of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities, according to the Digital Marketing Institute.

Influencer marketing has become useful to brands and companies, whether they’re small businesses or large corporations, and can help a company’s marketing improve significantly. As social media platforms — particularly Instagram — grow in the advertising realm, influencer marketing will continue its growth and soon dominate the marketing industry. But as a company, you need to know how to take advantage of this the right way.

If you want to explore the influencer-marketing world, we’ve got you! We’ve gathered five tips to help you choose the influencers that will grow your audience.

Tip #1: Relevance

How relevant to your brand is the influencer you’re wanting to reach out to? It is important that the influencer you choose has relevance to your brand and the message you’re conveying. This is why you should look through the influencer’s older posts in order to really see what brands they support and the type of consumer they are. By doing this, you eliminate any risk of choosing someone who lacks a true connection with your kind of product.

Tip #2: Integrity

Is that influencer you’re looking into recruiting working sporadically with all kinds of brands, moving from raving about detox teas to promoting a shopping app? This is not the kind of influencer you want! You want whoever is going to represent your brand to truly believe in what they represent. Not only does this help you gain traffic to your business, but it brings customers who also trust and believe in your brand.

Tip #3: Engaging

This is one of the most useful tips when looking for an influencer to represent your brand. You need to look for someone who treats their audience like their best friends and people they’ve known their whole lives. This is why micro-influencers might benefit your brand more! A micro-influencer is someone who has 2,000-50,000 followers on their social media platforms.

It may be beneficial to choose someone who has a smaller audience because it means they most likely engage with them more by answering their questions and responding to them. As a company, this means that people interested in your brand will already have a community-like experience before actually becoming your customer, which will drive them to you even more.

Tip #4: Niche

Finding someone whose niche matches your brand and your identity is key when it comes to working with influencers. This is important because it will automatically ensure your influencer has all the knowledge needed to promote your brand or company.

Tip #5: Frequency & Dedication

This last tip should also be a huge factor when it comes to picking influencers that will represent you and your brand. Frequency and dedication can completely change the way an influencer’s audience sees them and more frequency and dedication usually ensures higher trust levels.

Another benefit of frequency and dedication is the user-generated content that comes from it. While brand-crafted content is extremely useful and necessary, content that an influencer creates to highlight your brand can make you stand out more.

Story By: Alondra Santillan