How To Optimize Pinterest For Business

One Social Media platform that is often overlooked as a key marketing tool is Pinterest. With 100 million active users, 71% of them being women, and the ever-increasing trend to all things visual, Pinterest is becoming one of the most beneficial components in Marketing. With a little help from our Pinterest neighbors in Industrious, we have compiled a few tips for how to create unique and out-of-the box ways to using Pinterest for your business.

1. Promoted Pins: Pinterest recently released their promoted pin option which helps businesses target specific demographics, similar to that of Facebook. Through this new feature, Pinterest “can now target and segment their ads at a much deeper level. They can also now collect data and audience insights that were previously off-limits... This capacity to realize and analyze return on investment makes Pinterest a serious marketing tool... even by the smallest of businesses." We've learned the importance of implementing this strategy here at Imagine Media. Here's how to create your perfect promoted pin.

A. Use your words: Pinterest is filled with beautiful and creative imagery, but it’s the verbiage that will make followers click through to your site for a specific product. “The viewer is actively searching for information about the product, service or subject, so make sure these narratives are thoughtfully crafted and include everything you want the customer to know.”

B. Try different sized pins: According to Social Media Today, “tall pins” or portrait-oriented are most popular. Every company's followers are different, however, so a little trial and error to decide what works best with your follower base, will help you decide what works best.

C. Call To Action: We recently wrote a post about how to create the perfect CTA. Motivate your followers/potential customers to check out your product with enticing copy that gets them exciting about what you are providing. Find awesome examples here.

2. Creating Gift Guides: With each holiday, create a themed board for products from your website. Include different ideas, diys, games, etc., and sprinkle in a other brands’ products as well so it doesn’t look like you’re solely using it as advertising. It’s called ‘Pinspiration’ for a reason.

3. Music Playlists: The perfect way to let customers sneak a peek at your company’s personality and what it’s like to work for your business. Does your office have a ‘Not So Monday Blues’ playlist or a specific song you play to celebrate completing a goal? Share that with your followers by creating a board filled with videos of the songs from YouTube.

4. Giveaways: Pins with a call to action tend to receive a lot more engagement on Pinterest. If you’re holding a giveaway on other Social Media platforms, pin it to a relevant board. Using as many platforms to reach as many people as possible, will only help to boost interaction and engagement.

5. How-to Pins: Give your followers ideas on "how-to" style a certain garment, or "how-to" decorate for the perfect dinner party. These rich pins encourage followers to "linger and consider the idea for moments longer" than your typical pin.

Post by: Margaret Cady