How To Optimize Facebook For Your Business


Marketing on Facebook is proving to be increasingly challenging. The platform has become a pay to play arena, where only 6% of organic posts are reaching a target audience. Being strategic about the content you’re both posting organically and using in advertisements is so important if engagement is one of your goals. In this current climate, video content is the reigning king: 97% of marketers reported that video helped their audience gain a better understanding of their product or service, and 76% said that video content increased web traffic and sales.

A recent report from BuzzSumo dove into the burning question of 2018: “How do we get more engagement on Facebook for our brand?” And once again, video content came out on top. Video content generates 59% more engagement than any other type of content on Facebook. Utilizing video content as part of your social media strategy is becoming a necessity, not just a way to get a competitive advantage.

Learning statistics about social media strategy is great, but unless you take actionable steps within your own marketing efforts relating to those statistics, you’ll likely get lost in the mix. Focusing on video content can directly support your 2019 marketing goals, whether it’s to educate, entertain, inspire or delight your audience.

If you’re hoping to invest in video content this year, our team would love to help. The possibilities of video content are endless. From long-form storytelling videos to short 15-second clips for advertisements, video content can provide value to your audience that can’t be communicated via a still photo. Check out our video content library on our YouTube channel to see how we use videos at Imagine Media.

Story By: Sophie Duncan