How To Take A Digital Detox


You’ve heard it multiple times: Taking time to care for yourself is imperative. Hot tea, warm pajamas and a good book are the perfect start to just that. But when it comes to diving deeper into caring for yourself vs. simply taking a break, a digital detox might be exactly what you need.

So what is a digital detox? It’s honestly exactly what it sounds like, detoxing yourself of all things digital such as limiting your time on social platforms, leaving the phone outside of the bedroom, and refraining from posting daily. The goal of a digital detox is to live in the moment and enjoy what’s going on around you rather than constantly posting about it. Here are three tips to ease into a digital detox:

Start Small

Identify the ideal outcome of your digital detox. Is this a short-term practice or a long-term habit you’re looking to kick? Knowing the desired goal of your digital detox will help identify the steps needed to achieve it. If you’re aiming for a short-term goal, then hopping offline for a quick 24 hours may be all that you need for some clarity. If this detox is more of a long-term goal, then try choosing a consistent time each day to tackle your inbox to create a more limited routine.

2.     Figure Out What Works

Whether you can just go a week without posting a Story or rather need to decrease time spent on social media in 5-minute increments, realizing what works for you is the key to successfully detoxing. Maybe you can’t quit cold turkey, and that’s okay. Start by leaving your phone on the couch during dinner rather than placing it next to your water glass. Or perhaps you decide to decrease your screen time by 20 minutes before brushing your teeth and getting into your bed. Or try to completely leave the phone outside of the bedroom. Regardless of your approach, you are taking steps to achieve the detox goal.

3.     Create A Routine

Once you realize what works for you, stick with it. Practice it each day for as long as you desire. Consistency is key for a successful detox. Over time you will notice clarity, feel less attached to your social media, and will focus more on living in the moment.

Detoxes look different for everyone and the great thing about them is that there’s not one perfect recipe. See what works for you and enjoy every moment of setting aside time for yourself.

Story By: Marissa Rubin