How To Be Strategically Festive On Social Media

The holidays are almost here and if you’re anything like our office, you were playing holiday music on November 1st. Using the excitement that naturally generates around the holidays is a great way to increase engagement on your social media platforms. With the advertising field so saturated during the holiday season, we’ve rounded up some organic ways that you can get festive across social media.

Decorate Your Channels

If you have designed your profile and cover photos across your channels to make your branding consistent, then you’re on the right track. Why not give them a facelift over the holidays and add a festive touch? Adding a Santa hat to a logo or some lights is a simple graphic project that could catch users attention as they scroll through their feeds.

Holiday Hashtags

Coming up with holiday-themed branded hashtags is another way you can add to your holiday social media strategy. This is a fun challenge to get creative with play-on-words or give your existing hashtags a festive spin. Encouraging your audience to use the hashtag too will continue that momentum.

Themed Flatlays

It’s so satisfying for users to scroll through their news feeds during the holidays and see the festive holiday flatlays. If your brand has a creative component, there’s a lot that can be done with a few simple props like fake snow (or real), pine branches, and string lights. Even if you don’t normally put a holiday spin on your products, dressing them up with a flatlay can be a creative way to showcase your brand during the holiday season.

Humanize Accounts

It’s a proven fact that the holidays make audiences’ hearts grow two sizes. Any creative way that you can humanize your brand will result in your followers feeling more connected to you during the holidays. Whether it’s highlighting your employees or showcasing philanthropic efforts, touching your audience on an emotional level will go a long way.

Make Their Wish Come True

Random acts of kindness over the holidays is a great way to gain attention and potentially even go viral. For example, if you’re following your branded hashtag or check-in on your tagged photos and see someone asking for your product as a gift, how cool would it be to send a lucky, randomly selected person a free item? They would then surely share the good news on social media and continue to generate engagement. Online community management over the holidays is also a big way to leverage engagement and keep your existing customer base happy. Keeping up with questions or inquiries about order updates will make your audience feel valued and taken care of.


Running a giveaway may be one of the most effective and popular ways to generate engagement over the holidays. Encouraging your followers to like and share a post in order to be entered into a giveaway takes very little time on your end and can have a big pay off in generating brand awareness.

Brands Promoting Brands

Brands promoting brands is a great way to spread holiday cheer. If you have a blog or an Instagram Story that is in the format of a gifting guide, showcase other brands that pair well with your product. The brands that you highlight may also return the favor and this will widen your audience reach.

Instagram Stories

The options for getting creative with Instagram Stories around the holidays are endless. If your brand has a swipe up feature use it to direct people to products or landing pages. Instagram Stories can also be used to humanize your brand. If you’re doing good around the community during the holiday season, showcase it on your Stories to show your brand in a more emotional light.

As we gear up for Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday shopping season, it’s important to generate a social media strategy now that can set you up for success over the next few weeks. Planning ahead and scheduling your content will leave you with precious time over the holidays to spend with your loved ones. Happy Holidays!

Story By: Sophie Duncan