How Storytelling Can Impact Your Brand

Storytelling has been part of society in social and cultural contexts for centuries. Sharing stories is part of everyone’s day to day lives whether it be for educational or entertainment purposes. We are social beings and we typically enjoy sharing or at least listening to other’s stories. That is the exact reason why you should be actively sharing your brand’s story to your target audience.

So how does storytelling tie into marketing? Or does it replace marketing completely? Marketing can be defined as the action of promoting and selling products or services. Therefore, storytelling is a tool that should be strategically used to market your brand. There are many companies out there that produce decent content without their story in mind. Although this may produce results, we believe in a more authentic approach. The idea is to get away from traditional corporate messaging and to connect with your audience by being transparent and intentional with your branding.

To elaborate, the story that you are trying to tell must be clear and consistent across platforms. Also, storytelling is not limited to writing. In fact, there are times when more can be said through a thoughtful graphic or photo. Anyone can create and produce content. In fact, mostly anyone can tell a story. It is about sharing a compelling story that grabs your viewer’s attention through all that you produce that makes a brand stand out. When you share your brand’s story in an exciting, real and genuine way, people will begin to believe in the value of your brand because that is what you are showing them to be true.

Overall, storytelling is more than simply posting an enticing blog about how your business started. Storytelling is about connecting with your audiences through all of your content on a regular basis. Ultimately you will build stronger relationships with your audiences, which is why we believe in building relationships, not profiles! Click here to learn more about storytelling and how it can enhance your brand.

Story by: Devyn Lamon