How LinkedIn’s New Feature Will Help Your Brand


Going Beyond the “Like”

Following Facebook’s lead, LinkedIn has finally jumped on the Reaction train. Any brand that is using social media is seeking engagement with their audience, and one simple “like” button was not doing it. As humans, we’re equipped to have somewhat predictable reactions to different situations, and the social media we use should reflect that and give us the opportunity to express exactly how we feel.

LinkedIn has now given users the opportunity to let brands know how they feel about a post. Welcome to the world of LinkedIn Reactions.  

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 2.18.59 PM.png

How These New Reactions Will Benefit Your Brand:

It’s actually pretty simple: Emotions drive genuine customer engagement.

A large percentage of brands think that they understand and know their customers emotions. However, only 15% of customers agree with that statement, according to a study conducted by Capgemini Digital Transformation Institute.

People are now able to respond to your LinkedIn post with a Like, Celebrate, Love, Insightful or Curious response. These new Responses now serve as a tool to close any relational gap that you might have with your audience. As a result, you may see a drastic improvement with your brand overall. The Capgemini study also notes that 70% of emotionally engaged customers spend twice as much on brands that they feel a loyalty to.

These new Reaction features on LinkedIn are the perfect social listening tool for your brand. Use this data to your advantage! Now that your audience can express a few more emotions in response to your content, you can better gauge what resonates with people, what’s useful and what they may want to know more about. Pay attention to what your audience is saying — your brand and following will thank you.

Story By: Taylor Wright