Why Cinemagraphs Will Make Your Brand Stand Out On Instagram!

Cinemagraphs are taking social media by storm! They have been named the top design trend of 2016 and huge brands like Coca-Cola and Microsoft are getting a jump start by incorporating cinemagraphs in their post. Here is why you should also tap into cinemagraphs to increase engagement on your Instagram profile and stand out from your competitors! 

Cinemagraphs are a mix between a still photo and a video. People have the option of taking a short looping video and deciding which part of the photo they want to add a freeze frame to and which part they want to keep still. Creating cinemagraphs are a perfect way to tell a unique story and have received positive feedback from people and brands all around the world. Here are a few more reasons why you should get with one of the top social media trends this year. 

  1. They drive fast results and traffic,
  2. 5x better click-thru-rate than still photos,
  3. Grabs and holds attention attention better than still photos,
  4. Unlike traditional video, they are easy and fast to create.