How are Facebook Users Reacting to Emojis?

When we all heard about Facebook’s idea to bring out a dislike button the response was a bit lack luster. People were concerned with how trolls would use it and how it would be conceived on certain types of posts. The idea came about because of people wanting an option to do something other than to like a post, especially post that were sad and not something anyone necessarily likes. 

In an effort to give users the experience they crave, Facebook went back to the drawing board and came out with a new idea to use emojis, which they are calling ‘reactions’. It is in its testing trial and unless you are in Spain or Ireland then you will not be a part of the trial at this point. 

Social Media Today spoke with James Clifton, the Social Media Manager at the business app market place GetApp. “My initial impression of Reactions is that it’s a great new option for Facebook,” Clifton said. “It’ll make it easier for people to express how they really feel about a post - in my experience if the post was about bad news I’ve been more hesitant to put a ‘Like’ to it because I didn't actually like the content of the post. With the introduction of Reactions, we’ll now see more interactions with posts because users will be better able to express a truer feeling other than just a simple Like.” 

There is a lot of positive chatter going on about the use of these reactions and it seems that it will be a huge hit for Facebook users. Yet, it does bring questions of what will they come out with next? When thinking back to how far status updates have come since the start of Facebook, it makes us wonder how far Facebook will go with this. Either way we are excited to see what they have in store for us next.