How Advertisers Are Using Snapchat AR

Augmented reality.jpg

With the world of technology developing faster and faster each day, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with developing trends. One of the more popular trends in recent years has been the addition of augmented reality, also known as AR, which allows users to interact with their surroundings in a new and exciting way.

What is AR?

Augmented reality places a computer-generated image on the user’s current view of the world, typically through the camera on a smartphone. That definition may sound daunting, but augmented reality is a bigger part of your life than you may realize.

One of the best ways to see augmented reality in day-to-day life is through filters on Snapchat. By holding your finger down on the screen for a second or two, you’re introduced to the world of augmented reality, which may include creative filters for your face, visual effects for the space you are in or even games to play with your friends.

What does this mean for marketing?

While it might not seem obvious, including augmented reality into social media apps, especially Snapchat, pushes you closer to your target markets and helps you gain a significant amount of impressions, or exposure. If you want your consumers to have a meaningful interaction with your brand, the addition of a filter on Snapchat offers them a chance to see your creative side and learn about products or services.

Sponsored Lenses on Snapchat are projected to earn millions of impressions, partly because users will send these filters to their family and friends, who are then interested in trying out the filter themselves. This new way to interact with brands takes a step away from the occasionally obnoxious sales methods people are tired of. 

An example of AR advertising through Snapchat is Bhad Bhabie, a rapper known for her Dr. Phil's appearance, and a billboard advertising her new show with Snapchat. When Snapchat users pass the billboard in Los Angeles, they have the opportunity to fixate their smartphone’s camera on the billboard, which will then bring the billboard to life through Snapchat. The rapper then appears to speak to the user through the billboard, further advertising her show. 

How can I create my own AR lenses?

Once more and more companies realized the benefits of crafting their own AR Lenses for the public, Snapchat began to make them easier to make. Snapchat offers templates for any beginner AR user while also giving their more skilled users the ability to expand their knowledge on the AR Lens creation process. Creating and publishing a Lens is a three-step process:

  1. Design in your own 2D or 3D software then import your artwork into Lens Studio.

  2. Use Snapchat templates to add movement, animations and interactive elements to your Lens.

  3. Submit and publish your Lens then promote it by sharing your Lens Link.

You can better familiarize yourself with the world of Snapchat Lenses by visiting the Lens Studio and exploring their reference tab. Check it out today and see how many people your brand can reach when using a fun filter!

Story By: Sarah Castaneda