Meet Our New Partner: House of Hazen

We're so excited to introduce our new partner and neighbor - House of Hazen. Located in the heart of Buckhead, House of Hazen creates a homey feel as soon as you walk through the doors. You are instantly greeted by sweet and southern hospitality. Rhonda's love of beautiful things creates a space of luxury and richness that can not be beaten. At House of Hazen, it's all about making you feel special. It's a place for shopping but more than anything a place to enjoy yourself. Rhonda and her team pride themselves in their southern culture and charm of an unhurried conversation. Come to shop but stay for a glass of lemonade and a fun hang out. 

Check out her beautiful little store on your ride home from work or make a Saturday stroll up there with friends, you won't be disappointed. Until then - check out House of Hazen on social - Facebook and Instagram.