Holiday Social Media Trends


If you’re about to be swiping your credit card more frequently over the next few weeks, you’re not alone. Holidays are a busy time for shoppers - and marketers. A great deal of consumers will be shopping from brands they discovered on social media this year. But just how much does social media affect users spending habits around the holidays?

Animoto conducted a research study on holiday marketing trends and found that a whopping 73% of consumers said that a brand’s social media presence impacted their decision to make a purchase. Although tracking ROI is can be a challenge for social media marketing, there’s no doubt that social has a significant effect on how consumers are getting to know brands and learning about products.

In even more interesting data, a video was the #1 way that consumers found out about a brand. Video marketing is not just a small slice of the pie in a social marketing campaign, it’s becoming a very large and important element of a social media marketing strategy.

In a report by HubSpot researchers, upwards of 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands over any other type of content.

Judging by these statistics, it looks like 2019 may be the year of video and it’s important to stay ahead of the pack with your content. Start planning your video marketing strategy now to set yourself up for a successful start to 2019!

Story By: Sophie Duncan