Facebook Groups Might Cost You


Facebook is clearly in the business of racking in big bucks, so what is their newest financially incentivized idea? According to a press release, Facebook is testing a new feature that allows admins of Facebook groups to charge monthly subscription rates. Currently, there are very few groups that have access to this feature, but it is reported that the fees can range from $4.99 to $29.99 a month. 

The "group" feature on Facebook is a popular option for people who are looking for a more niche, intimate, and active online community. Groups can be public, private, or secret. Private groups are able to be found by the general public, but you have to request access and be accepted into the group. Secret groups are completely hidden from anyone who is not invited to the group. 

According to Mashable, TechCrunch reports that the majority of the money will go to the organization or admin leading the group. However, that could change and we wouldn't be surprised to see it change to benefit Facebook more. Apple and Android will also benefit since the fees will be billed through them.

Now, if you're anything like me you might be thinking to yourself "who would pay $29.99 to be part of a Facebook group?" Well consider a specific example given by Facebook...

"One such community leader looking to support her work, Sarah Mueller, started a group called Declutter My Home as a way to inspire and motivate others to tidy up their apartment or house," reads the company's press release. "The group quickly became an active community for helping tens of thousands of people across the world to reduce clutter in their spaces. With her new subscription group, Organize My Home, members will be able to work together on bite-sized projects, and have access to easily actionable checklists, tutorials, live videos and more to help with home organization."

Other groups testing this new feature are Grown and Flown Parents: College Admissions and Affordability, and Meal Planning Central Premium.

We will be waiting anxiously to see how this feature will change not only the group function on Facebook but the major social media platforms of our day, since currently the basic features of sites like Facebook and Instagram are free. 

Story by: Corinne Orr