Handpicked Just For You

There is a new app on the market that will help improve your experience at the supermarket. Handpick helps you figure out what recipes you can put together with very few ingredients. The app lists ingredients from a menu in the app and then lists five complimentary ingredients, this way the user can use what they have at home and pick up a few new things to diversify the menu. It even features the meals on platforms like Instagram and tag the ingredients. The app has more potential than simply recipe discovery. The app aims to aid e-commerce companies take on the food and beverage market. They plan to gather data from their users and combine all the food postings on the web and social media to help e-commerce companies by giving them an inside view of what food products are purchased most and how they are being used by consumers. It aims to help the growing online packaged grocery industry. Currently only 15 percent of Americans are purchasing food online and of that 15 percent, online one percent is represented by e-commerce sales. The app itself is growing, having reached a six-figure user base since it’s start in January.

Source: TechCrunch

Blog By: Leah Griffin