Grow Your Brand with Pinterest & Instagram's Collections Feature

grow your brand with collections feature

As many know by now, in September of 2017, Instagram released it’s “Collections” feature, which enabled users to organize their “saved” photos into categories. In short, the feature made it easier for users to find the photos they were looking for amongst their saved posts.

Following form,  in November 2017, Pinterest (finally!) released the ability to add “sections” to your boards. Single Pinterest boards can often contain hundreds of Pins, which quickly become disorganized. By adding a “sections” feature, users could keep their thoughts, ideas, and Pins much more streamlined & well organized. 

So how can your business utilize the new ability to create collections/categories?

grow brand collections feature

1.  Better Organize Ideas & Plan Ahead

Have you ever been inspired by a post on Instagram or Pinterest, only to never find it again? Even worse, maybe you remember to Pin or Save the image, but when you come back to it a few weeks later, you’re not quite sure what exciting idea it had originally inspired? With the ability to categorize posts, you can better organize your thoughts, ideas, and plans for your brand. By creating collections/sections with titles like, “Photography Inspiration,” “Great Copy,” “Cool GIF idea,” etc., you can easily refer to those specified inspiration categories when brainstorming and planning campaigns for the months ahead.

2. Analyze Competitors 

Every brand and business has competitors & companies that they’re immensely inspired by. With the ability to categorize posts, business owners can more easily analyze their competition’s posts, as well as save posts that resonate with them. For example, you could save all of your competitors' posts to a “Competitor” section & analyze, on a large-scale, what branding similarities & differences all of your competitors share, and thus how you can stand out.

Additionally, you can figure out what areas of your own brand need updating. For example, if you own a cleaning company & all of your competitors' photos are light & crisp, while yours are dark & dull, you can decide whether your own brand photography needs to be updated. (And if it does, send us an email!)

3. Stay on Top of Engagement & User Generated Content

grow your brand with collections feature

Most business owners don’t have time to log on to Instagram every hour of every day & comment on all relevant content. Consider creating a board entitled, “Community,” where you can save the posts of those who have mentioned your brand, product, and/or company. Then, once or twice a week, go through the users in the collection & comment & like their posts. It’s a great way to stay engaged with the community with minimal effort.

Similarly, you can save all User Generated Content (UGC) to a collection or section. This will make it that much easier to repost, comment & engage with those creating content for you.

Are you already using the “collection”/“section” features on Instagram and Pinterest? If so, how has it been working for you? Leave your comments below!

Story by: Isabelle