Giving Tuesday: Odyssey Update


We are two months into our partnership with Odyssey Atlanta and our team has loved collaborating on this unique account. Odyssey is a multi-year summer program with a project-based learning curriculum that targets underserved children who may need a more nurturing learning environment to boost their academic achievements. We began conversations with Odyssey earlier this year and their commitment to the Atlanta community resonated with the team.

Our core value of loyalty means that we are community-driven, both as individuals and as a team. To honor that core value we are supporting Odyssey with their social media strategy in order to drive brand awareness, increase their following and support fundraising efforts. We’ve been working collaboratively on this account to allow our team to problem solve, learn from each other and feel equally invested in Odyssey’s mission.

We started our efforts with Odyssey by volunteering at their Fall Party, and as we continue to learn more about the team behind Odyssey, it’s been a very rewarding process. Their next big events will be the Odyssey Annual Brunch in February and annual 5K Quest Run. Our team is learning a great deal about the massive behind-the-scenes coordination required that is required to support a fundraising event and we’re so impressed with Odyssey’s multi-faceted organization.

One of the biggest challenges of Odyssey’s social media strategy is appealing to their multiple audiences, which vary from students in the program to teachers to volunteers and donors. Our content teams have to wear multiple hats in order to ensure that each audience feels the content is relevant and engaging. At the start of each week, we gather as a team to put our heads together and continue to execute a content strategy that appeals to the diverse audience.

By diving deep into the world of Odyssey, our team was inspired to sponsor an Odyssey student this holiday season. We recognize that we would not be in the positions we hold without the cheerleaders who supported us in our lives, and we are so excited to follow the Odyssey students’ journeys this summer! If you’re interested in learning about Odyssey’s mission or just following along, check out their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Story By: Sophie Duncan