Giphy Integration Removed from Snapchat and Instagram


Snapchat and Instagram removed their Giphy integrations this week after discovering an offensive GIF. The GIF in question was described as intentionally racist and has been removed from Giphy’s library.

Immediately after learning that the GIF came up as a suggestion on their platforms, both Snapchat and Instagram removed the feature. In statements issued regarding the situation, each platform made it clear that this type of message would not be tolerated and they will investigate the issue.

Giphy apologizes for the GIF and said it will pay closer attention to the content in their library. The company believes the hateful GIF made it through the existing filters due to a glitch that they will fix.

Giphy was only recently added to both Snapchat and Instagram in 2018. While we loved the fun animations that the platform added to Instagram stories, we totally understand why both platforms took such a strong stance in protest to any display of racism.

Story By: Sophie Duncan