Best Practices for Creating GIFs

Whether the Imagineers are scrolling through Instagram, chatting on slack, or (attempting to be funny while) setting an out of office, GIFs have taken our day to day lives by storm! And why is that you ask? Because GIFs are a surefire way to tell a short, sweet, creative and visually appealing story. In this post, we're sharing our top tips to successfully create and share a GIF. Enjoy! 

Best Practices: 

1. Use a tripod. This ensures that the camera angle will be unchanging in each image captured, which is a key element of a GIF. 

2. Check your lighting. If you're shooting outside on a cloudy day, or inside under florescent lights, make sure that the images all come out with the same lighting so that the GIF transitions smoothly. 

3. Take at least 5 photos. Any less will be tough to show a transition, and that's what GIFs are all about! 

4. Crop square. Pay attention to the 'croppability' of the images. Square GIFs don't only look better on social, they preform better too. 

5. Keep frames at 0.4 seconds. When you take your images into iMovie, set the time of each transition to every 0.4 seconds. Not too slow, not too fast. It's a proven fact!

Once you've used the tips above to create the perfect GIF, share away! 


Post by Margot Dukes