Getting Social as a Professional Services Company


Getting started with social media for professional services companies can be tricky. However, when executed correctly, social media can make a powerful tool for building client relationships, gaining new business and becoming an industry leader.

Check out our 4 top tips for social media success in the professional services industry and contact us if you want to learn more about our own services!

1. Humanize the company.

People want to do business with people, not with a faceless corporation. For example, security provider SecurAmerica highlights exceptional officers in “Officer Spotlights” and creates posts about company events to showcase their commitment to legendary service.

2. Establish thought leadership.

Create a blog section on the website and share blog posts to Facebook relevant to the target audience. Wynd Realty, Atlanta’s only real estate brokerage that offers a no-cost branding product, provides original content on their website but also takes it a step further by providing links to recent news in the real estate industry. Even without the ability to post on a company website, it has never been easier to become a published writer with platforms like LinkedIn Pulse. Encourage employees to post their own articles and attach the company name to their content.

3. Pick social media platforms wisely but don’t count anything out prematurely.

LinkedIn is the most popular platform for most B2B businesses, with 80% of B2B leads coming from LinkedIn and 94% of B2B marketers using the platform to distribute content. However, Facebook can be an equally viable way to drive business for B2B companies and some audiences might engage best with company news and announcements on Twitter. To set themselves apart from the competition, Genesee General– a full-service managing general agency and wholesale company– created an animated video about their services for Facebook. The video reached over 2,300 people and was viewed for 324 total minutes.

4. Think of social media as an extension of in-person networking.


Make content personal, relevant, valuable and timely. Social media offers so much opportunity to make personal connections. The best way to connect with followers is to ensure content fulfills a need and to be proactive about engaging with followers and related audiences on every platform. Do Good X, an accelerator for Christian social entrepreneurs, uses their Instagram account to share photos of their programs and events as well as inspirational quotes for entrepreneurs. They also engage with the extensive startup, Christian and social good communities on Instagram through hashtags and conversation. 

Story by: Kelsey Thompson