Getting Down to (Instagram) Business

Curious as to how Instagram can make your business more successful? While Instagram Business Tools will be able to tell you exact analytics, but won't be out for a little bit, we've got some tips to help you be successful in the meantime: 

1. Create Your Instagram Strategy: Create a few goals that you want to achieve through Instagram.  Are you looking to increase product sales? Brand awareness? Maybe increase traffic to your website? The goals need to be measurable, attainable, and relevant. Instagram also works very nicely with Facebook, so you can easily share content from your Instagram to your Facebook. Keep that in mind when you're thinking about your goals and if all your social networks have the same goals.

2.Create a Mission Statement: This doesn't have to be written on the actual Instagram page, but make sure you, or your social media coordinator, keep this mission statement in mind when posting. For example: "We will use Instagram for (purpose of this social network) in order to achieve (business goal). 

3. CONTENT STRATEGY: If you don't read anything else from this blog post, read this. There must be some sort of strategy to your posting. Consumers don't want to be spammed 5-6 times a day on Instagram by the same company, posting the same content! Mix it up and keep it simple. It's also important to choose what time of day is best to post. Sites like Iconosquare can you help you figure out when your audience is online and engaging with your content. 

4. Building the Brand: Instagram is unique in the sense that it's all visual. Networks like Facebook and Twitter depend heavily on text and allow consumers to see a lot of different moving parts in posts. Instagram, while it allows captions, is mostly pictures. When looking at a feed for the first time, a consumer is going to scroll once or twice down the page to see if they like what they see. If your page is scattered, unorganized and not cohesive, don't expect that follow. 

5. Keep It Updated: The worst thing a company can do is it let their Instagram fall to the wayside after a couple months. Instagram is one of the most used and most influential social media platforms currently boasting 150 million monthly users. Update it frequently, at least 4-5 times a week and keep it updated. You never know who's finding your brand on it!

Happy posting!

Written by: Hannah Baumgarten