Meet Our New Partner: FitMetrix

We are unbelievably excited to announce our newest client: FitMetrix.

In the fitness world, numbers matter. Reaching personal health and fitness goals often comes down to counting, tracking and measuring. And gyms should be there to help members achieve those number goals. 

Luckily, FitMetrix is reimagining how gyms engage with members with a seamless, easy-to-use performance data tracking service. In one convenient place, gyms can display members’ performance, heart rate, calories, speed, power, distance and RPM while cycling. But more than that, gym members can use FitMetrix to reserve equipment, get workout summaries, and participate in new challenges to stay excited about reaching new fitness milestones.

If you are a gym owner looking to boost retention of new clients or your loyal workout patron, this real-time tracking service is the software you’ve been waiting for. Their real time data integrates within your already-existing website and all mobile devices, making it easy for you to brand your gym or studio.

FitMetrix is all about using data to motivate members and increase gym retention rates. Their streamlined approach to performance tracking is poised to change the fitness world. 

Be sure to checkout FitMetrix on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about how they can transform your gym or studio.