Facebook’s Redesign

If you’ve visited a business or brand’s Facebook Page in recent days, you may have noticed things look a little different. The company is now finalizing the rollout of a new, cleaner look-and-feel for Pages, which does away with tabs in favor of left-hand side navigation, and makes the Page’s call-to-action button – like “Sign Up,” “Shop Now,” “Learn More,” etc. – far more prominent than before, among other things.

These revamped Facebook Pages were first spotted in the wild earlier this summer. The new design seen then featured a larger Cover photo and omitted the display ads that normally appeared on the right-hand side of desktop Pages, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed at the time.

However, the company said then that the new Pages were only a test, and didn’t indicate that the design would be pushed to all Facebook Page owners, nor did it provide a deadline.

Over the past several weeks, more Facebook users have seen these new Pages go live and we understand that most are now seeing the Pages’ redesign at this time. A lot of people finally gained access to the new Pages this week, in fact. (In other words, if you are not seeing them yet, you should very soon.)

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Researched By: Margot Dukes