Facebook's New Group Tools for Admins

Facebook Group Tools for Admins

Last week, Facebook released a number of new Facebook group features that can help admins better manage and grow their online communities. Below, we’ve listed the top new features & how they can help your Facebook group to grow:

1) Group Insight Tool | This new tool will let you know when to schedule posts based on historical member engagement data.

How does this help? By knowing the best times to post, you can schedule posts with important information (announcements, events, fundraisers, etc.) to go live when the majority of your group members are active and likely to see/engage with the post. 

2) Welcome Post Feature | Previously, in order to welcome a new member to your Facebook group/community, admins would have to write a welcome post, and then manually sort through, find and tag all new members of their group. In the new Welcome Post feature, Facebook allows admins to automatically tag new users in their welcome post. 

How does this help? As someone running a branded Facebook group, you’ll want each of its members to feel welcomed and valued. By quickly being able to write up a post that welcomes new members on an individual basis, you’ll show that you genuinely care about each and every person that follows your business or brand. Talk about personalization!

3) Facebook Group Badges | Badges will now help group members to quickly identify who is an admin, moderator, or new member to the community.

How does this help? The ability to quickly identify new members helps you to prioritize who to engage with. For example, if a new member asks a question, that can take priority, and you’ll be able to answer in a timely fashion, demonstrating that you truly care about that person’s individualized experience.

Facebook New Group Tools for Admins

4) Facebook Group Profiles | Now, Facebook group members will profiles that automatically populate with information about their group membership. Details will include how long they’ve been a group member, if they share mutual friends with you, and/or if they’re attending the same event as you. This allows other members of the community get to know each other, without necessarily connecting on their personal pages.

How does this help? It helps you to build a stronger community! At the end of the day, it’s impossible to be on Facebook and interacting with your group members/customers 24/7. Now that group members can get to know a little bit more about one another, it’s likely that they’ll engage on each other’s posts and help to build up the community internally, even without your guidance.

5) Comment Control | Admins will now be able to turn off commenting for individual members, rather than shutting down the entire post’s comments section. 

How does this help? By targeting an inflammatory commenter and turning off his/her ability to comment, admins can keep the conversation flowing without the negative additions.

Are you a member of a Facebook group? What do you think about these updates - Yea or Nay? Let us know in the comments below!

Story by: Isabelle Edwards