Facebook Data Scandal

Facebook headquarters is having a tough week. If you haven't heard of the most recent data breach at Facebook we've listed some of the noteworthy information below and will be following along from our office! We'll be sure to keep you updated: 

"After reports of Cambridge Analytica using Facebook's user information came to light, people across social media have begun to urge others to either #DeleteFacebook or #BoycottFacebook in response.

One surprising voice has joined this movement - WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton." - BBC

"Facebook users may or may not delete their accounts because of the data scandal. But investors are rapidly deleting Facebook from their portfolios." - CNN

"Commerzbank and Mozilla have suspended ad campaigns on Facebook following the data scandal that has seen more than $45 billion wiped off the social network's market value this week.

"We are pausing our campaign on Facebook. Brand safety and data security are very important to us," Uwe Hellmann, Commerzbank's head of brand strategy, told Handelsblatt newspaper Thursday, according to Reuters." - CNBC

Story by: Shantel Khleif