A Peak Inside the Facebook Campus

Imagine recently got a deeper peak into the the virtual world we all spend most of our time in: Facebook. But this time the trip was a real life experience where we got a behind-the-scenes tour of the New York City Facebook Campus. 

The anti-cubical office is filled with bright colored art, snack bars around every corner AND vending machines filled with apple products, you push a button and a mac charger comes out at NO cost. The casual nature of the workplace and lack of hierarchy invites a social and collaborative atmosphere, in-fact when Zuckerberg walks the floor he sits at a desk just the same as everyone else. 

The psychology behind building such a free-spirited environment is that these Facebook employees would be filled with maximum happiness thus wanting to stick around after the clock hits 5. Zuckerberg's workplace decisions are similar to Google and other Silicon Valley companies to create a lifestyle instead of job. All of the perks that happen at the Facebook Campus are calculated to maximize productivity. 

Thanks for the tour, Facebook