Facebook Wants Your Website to Make Like Usain Bolt

Questions about SEO and website development come up often in our meetings with clients. It’s true that in order to have a strong social media presence, SEO and a good website are crucial, and vice versa.  

This week, Facebook confirmed that in order for a brand to drive traffic and sales from social media, they need to have a website that’s up to par.

According to Ad Age, Facebook found that 40% of people click away if a page takes three seconds to load.  Knowing that, the social media site will now include website loading speed as one of the factors it considers in showing ads. Facebook might completely prevent clicks-to-the-website campaigns from showing if the website it leads to is slow and not optimized for mobile.

Loading speed is especially a problem for mobile sites. Mobile is where people spend 65 percent of their time online, while the desktop is becoming a "secondary touch point" for more and more digital users. Despite the huge growth of mobile, a lot of companies aren’t prioritizing mobile as much as they should.

For companies unsure of how to fix their slow-moving websites, Facebook offers tools like Instant Articles that allow content to be uploaded to its servers. They also shared guidelines on how advertisers can develop faster web pages, with tips like using smaller files and less code.

While website speed and optimizing for mobile users aren’t new developments, they’re only increasing in importance. Facebook is sending companies a powerful message with their new speed requirement: your brand’s message might be creative and relevant and timely, but it better be delivered quickly or no one will see it.

Written by: Kelsey Thompson