Facebook Verification 101

Verifying your business page on Facebook may seem like a small, unimportant step in the grand scheme of things.  However, when incorporated into your social media strategy, this simple “little” step can majorly benefit your presence and success on Facebook.


So, what exactly is verifying a Facebook page?

Verifying your page on Facebook gives that little check mark of authenticity next to your name.  Oftentimes, you’ll see celebrities or public figures with verified pages as a proven method signifying the official page of that person.  Just because your company isn’t as famous (yet) doesn’t mean that it’s unimportant to verify your page, too.  Therefore, it’s crucial to complete this task to set your business page up for success.

What are the benefits of verifying a Facebook page?

First and foremost, verifying your Facebook page increases search-ability, in turn, increasing your overall reach.  In other words, when someone starts typing your company name into the search bar, it will auto-populate your page higher to the top of that long list that pops up as options to click.  The whole point of your business page’s existence on Facebook is for as many people to see it as possible.  So, why not make it easier to find?  Verification is one not-so-little trick that can help set your page apart from competitors.  Also, once new followers find your verified page, the verification symbol helps users identify your brand as one that is trustworthy and well established.

Ok, I get it.  So… how do I verify my page?

First, make sure your page is categorized as a business, company, or service.  Once it’s categorized correctly, you’re ready for the verification process.  It’s pretty simple, but it is time-sensitive.  So be sure you have access to the business phone number linked to your page in order to receive the code and quickly type it in.  Here is a link to guide you through step-by-step.

Ultimately, verifying your Facebook page not only increases your company’s credibility, but it also helps all of your posts that you put so much thought and effort into perform better and reach more people.  So, if you haven’t already verified your page… make it happen!

Story by: Kim McCafferty