Facebook Updates Aimed to Increase Engagement


Following in Instagram’s footsteps, Facebook has been making some updates recently to increase engagement.

The first update is the “things in common” labels which are being tested to appear above comments from people who aren’t in your social network on posts you are viewing. By highlighting the shared interests or backgrounds with users you aren’t friends with, they hope that it will help people and businesses make connections outside of an existing social network. For example, if you see that someone commenting on a post hails from your same alma mater or owns a business similar to yours, you may be more inclined to participate in the discussion below the post.

The other recent Facebook changes come from Facebook’s Creative Shop team. They have developed some methods to help businesses create video for their Facebook advertising campaigns. Known as the “Video Creation Kit,” Facebook will help you choose your image and text overlay to create a quick & easy video for your advertisement. They are also introducing a cropping feature which will allow advertisers to adjust their video to be the correct ratios depending on what device they are targeting. With these new updates ad creators can create video ads in-house without a major creative investment.

While we take great pride in our creative process and the caliber of our team’s advertisement creation strategy, we understand that our services may not be the best fit for everyone’s budget. We are excited about what this new creative feature means for small businesses who are committed to establishing a presence on social media.

Story By: Sophie Duncan