Facebook Tests Newsfeed Update in Australia

Oh, the ever evolving state of Social Media. It always seems like right when you begin to get the hang of a platform, a new update is released and your social media groove is interrupted, causing mild, short-lived bouts of panic. Whether you approve of the change or not, you have to make the adjustment and continue on your merry way (and by merry way, we mean cyber stalking your way through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and any and every other form you can think of). This intro may seem a little dramatic, yes, but we felt it necessary to get all of the dramatics out of the way so you can smoothly prepare for the potential transition coming soon to Facebook.

Today in Australia, Facebook began testing a new layout to their newsfeed with articles categorized by specific topics. Default tabs such as Politics, Animals, Travel, TV, etc. will be served to all users. There will be an option in the settings that allows each user to add and remove different topics the suit their interests.

According to Mashable, In an initial test, it appears content from pages that have not been liked by the user also appear under these topic sections. It includes stories from friends, friends of friends and public content from people and Pages.” In other words, Facebook still has some perfecting to do to keep you from seeing even more posts of what your great-aunt’s cousin’s husband’s twin twice removed had for breakfast. Cue the eye roll! 

Further sorting the categories into sub-topics is also an option, however, it could cause difficulty due to adding an extra click. We won’t mind having that extra click, though, as long as we can narrow down our interests and weed out the unwanteds, which is also a feature.

So how will this affect your business? Current Algorithms already make it a little difficult to get your creative content in front of the desired demographic, and the new Newsfeed will only make it harder.

Courtesy of Mashable

Courtesy of Mashable

Facebook has been testing this new update for quite some time now, but Australia is the first regional testing.

Don't worry, we will be conducting a full research until the launch to help prepare you even more for the upcoming change. 

Story by: Margaret Cady