Facebook Tests New Story Post Format

Finally! All of those cute vacation photos I post on Facebook may actually be seen more now! Remember when you used to upload photos on Facebook to an individual album (Remember even further back when each album could only have 30 photos in it. Did I just age myself there?), and you, or really everyone else, could see each photo you uploaded. Now Facebook just lumps the photos together into tiny little thumbnails and it's difficult to even understand that there's a plethora of newborn or #SummerVacay2015 photos waiting to be drooled over! But have no fear, Facebook may be changing that tiny little problem soon.

"[They are] testing a new post format, called a story, that allows users to upload a photo album that displays as an automatically-playing slideshow on News Feed.

Facebook confirmed to SocialTimes that this is [just] a test:

We’re testing a new way to view albums on Facebook.

The format looks somewhat similar to the annual “year in review” type posts that Facebook makes available to users, where the post is a scrollable collection of images.

When shown in News Feed, the main image changes to different pictures within the album. Facebook did not say when or if this would be made more widely available."


Post by Allie Nute

Source: SocialTimes