Facebook Photo Fact Checking


After much scrutiny with the Facebook scandal, they have recently released a new technology that helps to detect fake or fabricated news. This technology is a photo and video fact-checking system designed to flag faulty or fabricated news articles before they cause harm. Recently, they have expanded their fact checking program to all of their partners in 17 countries. As photos and videos grow on Facebook, they are able to evaluate and analyze any image, to determine when and where the photo or video was taken. With partners in various countries, they are able to collectively put together their efforts and use experts who are trained in reverse image searching or analyzing image metadata.

The overall goal is for artificial intelligence from Facebook to automatically spot faulty images and videos that are out of contexts and proven to be false. Zuckerberg claims they are hoping these help with the cyberattacks and proactively shut down false news sources, so they do not cause any harm. Waiting for users to flag fabricated or false news has already had significant consequences.

This could potentially bring back the original culture that Facebook was once known for: a way to connect with friends. As Facebook focuses on cleaning up their content, it will clear the path for businesses to make genuine connections with their audience on the platform. This will strengthen the connection with followers and, in turn, make the platform better in the long run.

Story By: Kelsey Currie