Facebook Moments: They Know You, and Your Face

Facebook knows you. It was created to do so. Every day we feed it information. We tell it our likes and our dislikes. We share photos of our friends, and our friends share photos of us. The more we share, the more Facebook knows. Uploading a large batch of photos became even easier when Facebook began to recognize our friends, making tagging suggestions based on the face in question. A month long trip can be quickly published to the social networking sites in a matter of clicks. 

The Facebook Moments app takes these sharing efforts a step further. It aims to take away the annoyance felt when your friends aren't sharing the pictures they have of you quite fast enough. The app synchs with your photos on your phone and allows users to select which photos it wants used. Then the Moments app organizes the photos into groups based on faces featured in the photos, these little piles all featuring the same person can then be sent the that person. 

The app cuts down on the tagging time process and is not public. While a person can choose to upload these photos to their page, they can also use the app as a more private space to share photos with close friends. The app also serves as a back up place to store photos. While the photos are stored in less than perfect quality, the app has no limit on the amount of pictures it can hold, and the lack of resolution also allows the application to move at a quicker speed. 

While it seems as though Facebook gets to know us a little better every day, it would also appear that they are learning that there are some photos that only our best of friends need to see. Or maybe, they have noticed how annoying it is to have that certain friend remind you to "upload those pictures from last weekend!" multiple times in one day. Either way, Facebook's Moments offers a new way to share all of your moments with the people who matter most, or not. 

Sources: Mashable and TechCrunch

Blog By: Leah Griffin