Facebook Messenger Ads: What to Expect

Earlier this month, Facebook announced the addition of ads to its Messenger app and all 1.2 billion of its users. The new ads, which will appear within a text conversation, will roll out to the first users by the end of the month.

These new Messenger ads are different than Sponsored Messages, which were introduced earlier in the year. Sponsored Messages allowed advertisers to drive clicks to Messenger and initiate a conversation with customers, via real people or bots.

Messenger ads, however, will simply serve as an additional placement. In other words, the current placement options for Facebook ads include the desktop and mobile news feeds, Instagram and Facebook’s Audience Network. Messenger will now be included among those options. (And, for many advertisers, it already is.)

It will be interesting to track consumer reactions to Messenger ads that appear within their private conversations. Though Messenger ads do not use the content of private messages to help place ads, they use the same targeting options as the other ad placements. On the plus side, for both consumers and advertisers, is that Messenger ads should prove to be a relatively unobtrusive way to reach interested customers outside of the ad-heavy newsfeed.

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Story by: Kelsey Thompson