Facebook Expands Custom Audiences

One of the most powerful tools of Facebook advertising is the ability to choose custom audiences. The social media giant recently added to that list by offering custom audiences of people who have engaged with a business’ content on their Facebook page.

Facebook already allowed marketers to create custom audiences based on email subscription lists, app users, website traffic and any other customer identifiers to which a company has access. Now, engagement audiences allow marketers to reach people who have spent time watching a brand's videos on Facebook (yet another reason why video is so important!) or have opened and completed a form in Facebook lead ads.

These are prime audiences for targeting. They have demonstrated interest by interacting with the brand on social media and are more likely than the average user to take a step further in the purchasing funnel.

To make the tool even more effective, engagement audiences on Facebook can be segmented into level of engagement.

Marketers can choose targeting options such as what percentage of a video the viewer watched, from 3 seconds to 95%, and a timeframe for how long people will remain in an audience after they engage with content. This makes it really easy to choose how engaged the targeted audience will be, i.e., people who viewed an entire video in the last 24 hours or people who only viewed 3 seconds in the last 6 months.

I know we're excited to see what this new feature can do. Make sure you're on top of this new trend too!

Written by: Kelsey Thompson