Breaking News: Facebook is Developing Full Body AR

facebook developing body AR

What: As many of you know, Snapchat's face-altering lenses are a huge hit, with over 1/3 of Snapchat's 178 million users playing with the lenses every day. So it wasn't surprising when Facebook copied the platform and released their own variations of the lenses for Instagram Stories and the Facebook Camera.

Now, in an effort to remain ahead of the game, Facebook has announced that they are developing full-body AR! This would enable the lenses to track a person’s physical movements (walking, dancing, sitting, etc.) and even identify when the subject is obstructed by other objects.

Why: Facebook has a TON of resources that would enable them to be a leader in the AR realm. By utilizing their access to top developers & resources, Facebook will be able to build out better, more responsive video tools, which would push Snapchat and Facebook’s other competitors to a second-rate status. Already, Facebook is developing location-locked AR tools.

When: As noted on the Facebook Research blog, there isn’t an exact launch date, but the new technology is already in development!

Weigh in below! Would you be interested in full-body AR? Has Facebook gone too far?

Story by: Isabelle Edwards