Facebook Cracks Down on Accidental Clicks


With pressure rising for accurate reporting across all digital media, Facebook announced this month that it will improve efforts to differentiate between actual clicks and accidental clicks.

Facebook will define “accidental” clicks as those in which the user bounces back to Facebook after 2 seconds or less. That will put Facebook more in line with sessions on Google Analytics, which are defined as lasting 3 seconds or more.  

The change is a positive one for advertisers. It will help increase transparency in reporting and help anyone advertising on Facebook make smarter decisions about what performs well and what does not, since accidental clicks won’t muddy the data.

For anyone worried about the impact on their results, Facebook Product Marketing Manager Brett Vogel clarified that accidental clicks weren’t a big problem for the vast majority of Facebook advertisers.

The move is more symbolic than anything but we’re excited to see Facebook continue to improve its advertising capabilities.

Story by: Kelsey Thompson